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Andrew Garfield can’t contain his excitement while Emma Stone gets pranked

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Wow, I haven’t posted in forever! Have a little Allydia for the meanwhile… [HQ]

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Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.
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im still not okay im thinking deeper into it and her death was so pointless i want her i need allison in that show i am seriously considering not watching it anymore allison was a fucking core character it would be like killing the doctor and still continuing the show i honestly don’t understand it. i know she wanted to leave and all but im sure if things were worked out she wouldve stayed plus i think she is still on ANYWAY because she’s SIGNED ON for season 4 so she’s obviously doing filming for season 4 i am assuming? even if it is just flash backs. IM JUST REALLY UPSET AND THEY NEED TO BRING HER BACK BRING THIS BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, POWERFUL GIRL BACK.

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trying to comfort a friend

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Title: Let Her Go [Cover]
Artist: Arden Cho
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"why didn’t you do your homework?"


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